My child has diabetes

Many parents whose child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes wonder: 'Why is this happening to my child?' 'How can they continue to live as before?' 'How can I best help?' Often it seems there are more questions than answers at the beginning.

One of the most important things for parents is the health and well being of their children. For a child with Type 1 diabetes, the aim of diabetes therapy is to reduce the risk of developing long-term complications caused by high glucose levels, avoiding hypoglycaemia and ensuring normal growth and development both physically and emotionally.

Read the real-life stories of other parents of children with Type 1 diabetes and discover how they have found their way to better control.

Real life stories

My child has diabetes

Tess, in better control with her pump since 2008

When Tess was 15 months old, I found her drinking from the paddling pool in our backyard. She was too young to tell me she was thirsty. This type of behavior lead us to discover that she had Type 1 diabetes and she was put on a regimen of 4 injections a day. It was always difficult to keep control because most of the time Tess would have high blood glucose levels but then she would crash unexpectedly which made life difficult for everyone. On her 2nd birthday, she was put on an insulin pump and since then, we have felt that we have Tess back again. To all other parents who have thought about getting their child an insulin pump, I would tell them to get one when as soon as possible!


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