Life with a Pump

Living life to the fullest does not stop at diagnosis and many people with Type 1 diabetes continue to enjoy their daily activities.
Eating what you want, enjoying a drink with friends, practicing sports and travelling around the world is all possible whilst maintaining a good glucose control.

Read the real-life stories of other people with Type 1 diabetes and discover how they have found their way to better control.
Discover how the pump can help you lead you the life you want through more flexibility in your daily activities.

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Life with a Pump

George, in better control with his pump since 2010

I am 15 years old and I was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago. I was really confused and scared because I had to completely change my lifestyle. When I was on MDI, summed up in one word, it was horrible. I had no freedom and no glucose control whatsoever. Since I've been on my insulin pump, I've gone from crazy diabetes, glucose everywhere, to an HbA1c of 6.8. It's fantastic. With my pump, I can be more spontaneous, I don't have to follow a routine, I can eat what I want when I want, and sports is much easier. The pump also boosts my confidence as I never feel left out. It's so convenient and nobody knows it just looks like a phone. My insulin pump means the world to me. Definitely try it!


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