Simon's diabetes story

Simon has been managing his hypoglycaemia with an insulin pump since 2004. Find out how he goes day by day with his insulin pump.

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Simon's diabetes story

In better control with his pump since 2004

My biggest shock after getting diabetes came with my worst ever hypo. I had been skating for 1 or 2 hours then ate a normal dinner. But soon after, I was violently ill and vomited up my food. As I had already injected insulin it kept on working until my blood glucose fell below 50 mg/dL. I was completely out of control. Fortunately, some colleagues took me to the emergency department in the hospital where I was working at the time. Right then, it was terrible, but it led to a good result, because after that I tested an insulin pump for a while and my life got so much better. Now, I wear an insulin pump all the time, and it’s just great!


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