Continuous Glucose Monitoring Components

The New Generation Enlite Sensor is Medtronic’s latest and smallest sensor, with improved features designed to provide you with exceptional comfort and experience.


  • Benefits of the new enhanced Enlite Sensor for continuous glucose monitoring

Enlite™ Glucose Sensor

  • Smaller and more flexible sensor: 80% reduction in size compared to the former Enlite Sensor
  • Features an innovation to the sensor adhesive patch to help reduce skin irritations
  • Reliable sensor to transmitter connection, which can reduce the likelihood of data gaps. In the event of a lost connection between the sensor and the transmitter, the new Guardian 2 Link transmitter can store up to 10 hours of data
  • Insertion is easy with a one button insertion process, a hidden needle during insertion, a 90 degree insertion angle.  85% of patients agreed that insertion with Enlite was pain free**

Guardian™ 2 Link Transmitter

Guardian 2 Link

  • Small & lightweight: 3.5 x 2.8 x 0.7cm (1.4" x 1.1" x 0.3") and less than 7g (1/4 ounce)
  • Sleek thin profile that is shaped to move with you - it won't tug, pull, or pinch
  • Wireless transmission means that it works under any clothing
  • Waterproof - You can wear the transmitter and glucose sensor while swimming, bathing, or showering. Fully immersible, you can wear it to a depth of 2.4 metres (8 feet) for up to 30 minutes
  • If the sensor connection is lost, the transmitter will store up to10 hours of data which will be displayed upon re-connection to the pump
  • The Guardian 2 Link Transmitter is compatible with the MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump, while the MiniLink Transmitter is compatible with the MiniMed™ Paradigm Veo System and the Guardian™ REAL-Time CGM System.

Inserting a Guardian2 Link Transmitter & EnliteSensor

Watch this video for further instruction on inserting a Guardian 2 Link transmitter and with Enlite glucose sensor.


  • -New Generation Enlite sensor is indicated for adults and children and only intended for use with Medtronic products: MiniMed™ 640G System, MiniMed™  Paradigm Veo System, MiniMed™ Paradigm REAL-Time System, Guardian™ REAL-Time CGM System, iPro2.
  • -New Generation Enlite sensor is not intended for use with Medtronic CGMS Gold™ and iPro.
  • *The dynamic suspend feature is based on certain criteria: sensor glucose must be within 70 mg/dL (3.9 mmol/L) of the low limit and predicted to be 20 mg/dL (1.1 mmol/L) above the low limit within 30 minutes AND the pump must not be in the refractory period.
  • **Internal data on file; Medtronic Minimed, Inc
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  • 2Enhanced Enlite with MiniMed™ 640G System has a MARD of 9.1% [vs. YSI on Day 3]. Cohen O et al. Accuracy of the continuous glucose sensor used with the predictive low glucose management system. Diabetes Technol Ther 2016; 18(S1): A81-A82.
  • 3MDT internal data on file CER247
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