The MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump with SmartGuard™

The MiniMed system can guide you towards better control1 by providing advanced protection from hypoglycaemic episodes2 and personalised convenience for easier daily management of your diabetes.


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Since many factors can affect your glucose levels, such as diet, exercise and stress levels, you may need a system that can give you better control: an intelligent system.  The MiniMed™ 640G system features innovative technology to more closely mimic the way a healthy pancreas delivers basal insulin to the body in order to help you to achieve better control. 

SMARTGUARD™: One step closer to The Artificial Pancreas

Tired of experiencing unexpected lows? Worried about hypos? To avoid low glucose levels and maintain good glucose control, it is important to know where your glucose levels are and where they are heading.  The MiniMed 640G system is designed to help protect you, so you can feel more secure.  SmartGuard, our exclusive technology, mimics some functions of a healthy pancreas to provide advanced protection against hypoglycaemia.4*

  • Based on your sensor glucose values, SmartGuard can predict when you are approaching low glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automatically stop insulin delivery**
  • When your glucose levels recover, SmartGuard will automatically resume insulin delivery***.
  • You have the possibility to set multiple low limits throughout the day to give you increased protection when you need it most.

 Dynamically stopping insulin delivery with a suspend feature can significantly reduce the number of hypoglycaemic events.4

93% of those who used a suspend feature in their pump felt more secure managing their diabetes.5

MiniMed 640G SmartGuard

*The dynamic suspend feature is based on certain criteria: sensor glucose must be within 3.9mmol/L of the low limit and predicted to be 1.1mmol/L above the low limit within 30 minutes AND the pump must not be in the refractory period. **The dynamic resume feature is based on certain preset criteria: sensor glucose must be 1.1mmol/L above the preset low limit and predicted ot be 2.2mmol/L above within 30 minutes AND insulin must have been suspended for at least 30 minutes.

MiniMed 640G also has some other integrated intelligent features for increased protection, such as:

  • Active insulin tracking, so the insulin still working in your body is displayed on the pump screen and taken into account in the Bolus Wizard recommendation
  • Bolus progress bar, allowing you to see the amount of bolus insulin being delivered; and Stop Bolus, to easily stop a bolus at any time
  • Predictive battery end of lifeso you know when your battery will run out before it happens



Tailored to your needs

Regularly testing your glucose levels. Calculating your insulin dose. Logging your results. There is a lot to think about to maintain daily glucose control. The MiniMed 640G system could make your day easier.  It is designed to fit your daily life and take out some of the complexity:

  • Personalised basal and bolus settings to fit your needs throughout the day and night
  • Programmable friendly reminders so you don’t forget any important activities
  • Adjustable audio options so you can change alert notifications depending on your environment e.g., when you are asleep, at the cinema or in a noisy restaurant
  • Need help calculating your insulin doses?  Bolus Wizard can calculate and recommend insulin doses****, displaying the whole calculation on one screen, so you can easily understand it and manage your insulin conveniently and more precisely
  • Wireless blood glucose meter (CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2.4 from Ascensia Diabetes Care) that sends glucose readings directly to your pump and can deliver a bolus remotely
  • With our MiniMed accessories you can wear your pump the way you want. Discover the collection here


With the design of your MiniMed 640G, you now can:

Water activities  Enjoy water activities with our waterproof design

Easy readability  Experience easy readability day & night with the full colour and light adjusting display

Intuitive  Benefit from the intuitive, easy navigation with less button pushing

hand  Designed for both right and left handed users




  • 1Compared to multiple daily injections, according to the STAR 3 clinical study: Bergenstal RM, Tamborlane WV, Ahmann A, et al. Effectiveness of sensor-augmented insulin-pump therapy in type 1 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2010;363:311–320.
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  • * Must be using Guardian Link with Enlite to enable SmartGuard feature on the MiniMed 640G insulin pump. A confirmatory fingerstick is still required prior to making adjustments to diabetes therapy.
  • ** The dynamic suspend feature is based on certain criteria: sensor glucose must be within 3.9 mmol/L of the low limit and predicted to be 1.1 mmol/L above the low limit within 30 minutes AND the pump must not be in the refractory period.
  • ***The dynamic resume feature is based on certain preset criteria: sensor glucose must be 1.1 mmol/l above the preset low limit and predicted to be 2.2mmol/l above within 30 minutes AND insulin must have been suspended for at least 30 minutes.
  • ****Calculation is based on the amount of insulin currently in the body, the amount of carbohydrates, the user’s current and target blood sugar levels, their insulin-to-carb ratio and their body’s sensitivity to insulin. Proper Bolus Wizard set-up must be completed first. Users must input the number carbohydrates they are eating and their current Blood Glucose value before the Bolus Wizard can calculate the insulin users should take.
  • Waterproof at time of manufacture up to 3.6 meters for up to 24 hours at a time. See MiniMed 640G User Guide for a complete description of the waterproof capabilities and proper use instructions.


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