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CareLink Assist

Important notification prior to launching a remote session via GoToAssist.

May I have your consent to remotely access your computer for troubleshooting purposes?
Remote access is to evaluate the state of the computer’s programs and settings to determine an appropriate resolution for the Medtronic software issues we’ve been discussing.
We may run programs, reconfigure settings and install/uninstall software to resolve any issues we encounter.
We will not view, access, or alter anything that is not related to the Medtronic software, and the session can be broken off by you at any time, simply by closing the "GoToAssist" program.
We assume no responsibility, over and above the provisions of the Product Liability Law, for damages suffered by the user as a result of inappropriate handling of "GoToAssist".
Before we begin, please close all programs and any documents containing private or personal information


The remote session will be started when you accept the above terms by pressing the button "OK".

Please enter the session number, which you have received from our support representative, in the box below and press the button "OK".


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