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Pregnancy planning with diabetes

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  • Factors to consider when planning a pregnancy

With proper care and management, a healthy pregnancy and delivery are perfectly possible for women with Type 1 diabetes.

Whether thinking about becoming pregnant or if already pregnant, dedication and careful planning can help ensure a healthy baby. For a woman with Type 1 diabetes, there are additional factors worth considering before, during and after delivery.

The body changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes affecting insulin requirements, during which it is essential to keep blood glucose levels under tight control. This is critical because pregnant women can be subject to the following:

  • Hypoglycaemia
    Pregnant women can be more prone to low blood glucose levels, especially while sleeping and overnight.*
  • Hyperglycaemia
    High blood glucose levels before and during early pregnancy are linked to a higher risk of miscarriage, birth defects and can create additional risks for the baby.*
  • Glucose instability
    Morning sickness, post-prandial hyperglycaemia and changing hormone levels can disrupt a pregnant woman’s eating and injection schedule, making it harder to stay within the target range, which can affect the growing baby.*

Every day can be different with diabetes. It is important to understand how the body changes over the course of the pregnancy in order to achieve better control.

Thanks to the insulin pump, I gave birth to a healthy daughter - this was a miracle for me! Right now, I would never want to give my pump back.




  • * References are kept on file and are available on request; please contact your local Medtronic representative for copies.


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